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How to do printing equipment technical service support

Only by providing customers with low cost and high value-added services, can an enterprise remain invincible. Improving user satisfaction is our constant aim of WER Company! As a technical service department, we are responsible for providing quality service and customer satisfaction. Establish a customer-oriented work style, strengthen service awareness and service skills, to effectively guarantee the normal operation of user equipment with quality service, win customer satisfaction.

  1. How to do good service?

Good service requires the following three aspects: 1. Positive working attitude; 2. Skilled professional skills; 3. Organized for a rainy day.

What is work attitude?

What kind of attitude should we adopt to work?

We should use the positive attitude to work we should use the earnest careful work attitude we should use the sense of responsibility to work attitude is what we should use the loyalty to work?

Everything has an end, and every good or bad result is of our own making, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Therefore, our attitude towards doing everything determines the final result, which is more important than any other factor.


  1. 1. Install and debug products for consumers;
  2. Provide technical guidance on use and other aspects according to the requirements of consumers;
  3. Ensure the supply of maintenance spare parts;
  4. Responsible for maintenance services;
  5. Implement “three guarantees” for products, namely, repair, replacement and return (now many people think that “three guarantees” is the after-sales service of products, which is a narrow understanding);
  6. Handle customers’ letters and visits, and answer customers’ inquiries.

At the same time with a variety of ways to solicit consumer opinions on product quality, and timely improvement according to the situation.


First, install the new equipment for the user according to the contract requirements. The engineer discusses with the customer about the best installation plan according to the customer’s current situation, and completes the installation and verification work in the shortest time to ensure the equipment in the best running state.

If it cannot be installed on site, it is necessary to ensure that the important parts of the equipment are installed, the print head is installed, the printing is tested before delivery and the printing video is sent to the customer. We have tested the normal work, provided online instructions on how to use and maintain later, and randomly matched the operation video and machine manual.

  • For the bulk machine, we will shoot the assembly videos and pictures and copy them into the randomly distributed CD.


  • Machine debugging video (the machine without print head should start from installing print head) Install printhead, install print head cables, install ink cartridge, add ink to ink cartridge, and then debug the machine step by step until printing.


(3) We can also take some videos and put them on CD.


(4) Before the factory test machine, there should be a test report, and technicians should test according to a single test report. The test should be detailed. If some parameters need to be modified, it should be written in the report so that we can better understand the customer machine in the future service.


(5) If there is any problem in the machine test, please contact the engineer in time and write it down in the work summary after finding out the situation.


secondly professional training for users, including internal training and user technical training. After the equipment installation is completed, special training engineers will be arranged to carry out comprehensive, detailed and systematic training on site within one week. According to the actual situation of the buyer, the current staffing, staff skills, etc., make specific training plans.

After-sales technical support is also very important. We will set up a product technical service expert group to solve the problems and doubts of users and answer their technical questions.

Users can feedback the problems to us through the company’s free hotline, email, network platform and other ways, and immediately respond to the problem after acceptance, solve the problems through remote guidance, remote diagnosis, on-site maintenance and other ways, so as to make the equipment run normally.


  • Before the customer gets the machine, the sales department should timely provide the customer information to the technical department supervisor (the information includes: machine model, purchased ink, and customer contact information of cleaning solution type, etc.).


  • The technical supervisor shall assign the service customer to each technician. The technician shall contact the customer in time about the matters needing attention and turn on the power of the machine first, and ask the customer to send some pictures of the places or parts that need attention.Make sure everything is ok and then ask the customer to turn on the power and debug the machine.


  • If you can’t reply to the customer in time, please inform the customer in advance and then make an appointment.


(4) For the parts that need to be changed after sales, the sales staff shall make the delivery order and go to the purchase Department to get it. After receiving the order, the sales staff shall give it to the technical supervisor or technical personnel for review and confirm that there is no mistake before sending the parts. In case it is not the same model to the customer.

(5) Machine maintenance manual shall be sent to the customer, so that the customer can solve the machine problems with the corresponding manual.


(6) The technical staff should sort out the problems encountered by the customer every day, so that they can send them to the customer directly in the future. Don’t wait for yourself to finish the test before telling the customer.

Sorting out customers’ problems every day is also helpful for us to make more perfect maintenance manual.

(7) All the customers served by the technical personnel should establish a document retention, so as to avoid that many customers will not know which customer it is and which machine it is.


Finally, there is the user visit service. After a period of service, we should make necessary quantification of the user’s application level and service requirements, so as to improve our work. We will also put forward new Suggestions for users according to their actual situation, and carry out routine maintenance on the equipment to eliminate some potential faults and ensure the normal and orderly operation of the equipment.

We will invite some customers to participate in the development and testing of our new products to provide better communication channels for users.


We will continue to improve the service content, the pursuit of professional services, standardization and diversification. Pay attention to the active service and personalized service, shape the quality service brand, and win better public praise for WER equipment to become the service field in the world! How do you get good technical service and how do you get good service? According to the meaning of all service industries, the service within the expectation can only be called qualified, and the service beyond the expected scope of “users” (hereinafter the same) can only be called excellent service. So what kind of technical services exceed user expectations? Demand comes, according to your requirements to do a “processing”, this is not called service, this is called business. When the need arises, I’ll figure out what you really want in mind, and then tell you what might be a better plan, with the user tapping his lap: “Yuck! it really better!”That’s beyond expectations. Demand did not come, I come to look for you actively: “I see you this function every time use up good trouble ah, I give you whole into a key to complete you see how?”, every place to improve efficiency and experience is worth our initiative to improve, which is called excellent technical service. Would any user not like to use such a service?