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Factors influencing the effect of the UV printer

WER-D4880UV Ceramic Tile printer 1. The curve of the ICC color management In the process of its main function is to correct the print or print color deviation, in the process of transforming color accurately as far as possible, to get real high quality. The effect of a mature and stable universal printer, the number […]

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The factors affecting UV printer performance

WER-D4880UV phone case printer The precision of the printing resolution: print design, the higher accuracy, clearer pattern will be, so more vivid, exquisite quality, can satisfy the demand of high quality user. Printing speed, production efficiency of printing. Usually we use a hour square meters to estimate of printing. Conventional civil 5-10 square meters per […]

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The factors influencing UV printer price

WER-R3UV Printer Configuration is the key which also affect the price of the first elements: printhead type, printhead number of core configuration, main board, LED curing light, guide rail, servo motor, etc. 1. The printhead, common printhead is DX5, high-end level GS508, printhead GS1024 top level. 2. The number of printhead, the current technology, common […]

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Three methods of UV flatbed printers qualified to judge

WER-E2000UV Printer Three methods of UV flatbed printers qualified to judge Standard one Test platform of printing range, to see whether the size of the actual printing can cover the printing format, the greater the deviation, the performance of the machine, the higher the extent of the modified. Standard two Repeated in a position to […]

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