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The factors affecting UV printer performance

WER-D4880UV phone case printer

The precision of the printing resolution: print design, the higher accuracy, clearer pattern will be, so more vivid, exquisite quality, can satisfy the demand of high quality user.

Printing speed, production efficiency of printing. Usually we use a hour square meters to estimate of printing. Conventional civil 5-10 square meters per hour, industrial equipment between 20 to 80 square meters per hour.

Stable performance: the stability of working long hours. Equipment for more than 16 hours a day, every day under the working strength of more than five days a week, whether they can be stable or not, continuous work without fault is to investigate the performance of the UV printer,which is an important parameter.

Impact on the performance of the UV printer pay attention to three points:

1. Printhead: epson fifth generation nozzle is civilian nozzle, for example, life expectancy in six to eight months, work time can’t more than ten hours a day. Seiko U508GS – 12 PL solvent UV spray nozzle for industry, life in three years, work 20 hours a day.
2. The UV printer motherboard, nozzle plate, such as interface card program is stable, function is perfect, the quality pass, a direct impact on the speed of the equipment, the stability.
3. The quality of parts: common platform for the servo motor, guide rail, UV printer parts, such as whether to adopt industrial standard, whether imported brand, are directly related with the life of the equipment, these can be seen through direct view components identified.