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The factors influencing UV printer price

WER-R3UV Printer

Configuration is the key which also affect the price of the first elements: printhead type, printhead number of core configuration, main board, LED curing light, guide rail, servo motor, etc.

1. The printhead, common printhead is DX5, high-end level GS508, printhead GS1024 top level.
2. The number of printhead, the current technology, common printhead, equipment installation at most four printheads, high level of printhead, the printhead can be installed on the device 14.
3. The main boards, high-end equipment mainboard and common boards
4. LED curing light, with imports of high-end and common level

Printing size is the second factors that affect the price of the device: the bigger size, the dimension of a printing, the higher the price of the equipment.

1. General small UV printer A3 size, 329 * 600 mm
2. Common size A1 UV printer, 600 * 1100 mm
3. Large size 2514 UV printer, 2514 * 1220 mm

Equipment field is the third factors which affect the price of the manufacturer’s price lowest, the second is the branch, the last is the agent.So in choosing equipment, as far as possible to manufacturer or manufacturers across the country set up branches, so that on the one hand, the quality guaranteed, after-sales service also rest assured. China’s UV printer manufacturers more concentrated in Shanghai, hangzhou, guangzhou, the three places.

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