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What kind of outdoor advertising can most attract the attention of the audience?

In today’s society, many people choose to consume in the heart of the city, such as the commercial plaza, and the big outdoor advertising signs placed in the plazas can often become “eye-catching weapons” because of their excellent geographical advantages. So, what kind of outdoor advertising brands can best attract consumers’ attention? People will be deeply impressed by fresh slogans, impactful images and experiential events, and those outdoor advertisements that use VR, 3D and other technologies can win consumers’ praise. So, how to design a creative outdoor advertising brand that can capture consumers’ attention in one second? The following 7 “Basic Laws” may give you the answer.

  1. Use bold SANS serif fonts: maximize size and contrast

The alphabet system of western countries is divided into two types: serif and sans serif.

Serif font means that there are additional decorations at the beginning and end of the strokes of the word, and the thickness of the strokes will be different. The sans serif font is a sans serif font, without these extra decorations, and the thickness of the strokes is similar.

Serif fonts are easy to recognize. It emphasizes the beginning and end of each letter stroke, so it is more legible, while sans serifs are more eye-catching. In the case of reading the whole text, it is suitable to use serif fonts for typesetting, which is easy to read in line breaks and avoid reading errors between lines.

Song Ti in Chinese fonts is one of the most standard serif fonts, and the characteristics of serifs are very obvious. The glyph structure is also consistent with the handwritten regular script. So Song Ti has always been used as the most suitable text font.

This font is the easiest font to be viewed and recognized on the road. If passers-by and drivers cannot quickly recognize the information posted by the advertisement within a few seconds, the opportunity will be lost.


  1. Increase visual impact: add white fonts on the brightly colored background board

 Color occupies an important position in the human sensory world, and it is also the most visually impactful and attractive factor. The rich color changes will produce a strong visual impact, but also produce various shapes and rich layers, which help to stimulate people’s interest.

Just look at the case of Dunkin’ Donuts and GoPro. The strong color contrast attracts consumers’ eyes to the advertisement, making it difficult for people not to notice.


  1. Picture is everything: use pictures to express opinions

A high-quality advertising screen can not only quickly convey advertising information, but also arouse people’s emotional resonance. For example, the billboard of Uber, a taxi-hailing software, uses a warm picture and an advertising slogan “The door is always open for you” to easily express the safety and speed of Uber. And the outdoor advertisement played by the social software MSN directly transforms the face into a cupcake, which is novel and interesting and also delivers the newly launched emoticon function to the public.

There is a saying that goes well: “Less is more”. Clear and simple pictures can often express the characteristics of products more directly to consumers, and the content that the language wants to express may not be as direct as a picture that directly hits the pain points of consumers.


  1. Stick to an idea: communicate as soon as possible

The place where the big outdoor advertising signs are installed is usually the CBD business district square or the side of the highway. Consumers can actually see the billboard for a very short time, and the time to obtain the information on the billboard is often within a few seconds.

Mike McGraw believes that an excellent outdoor billboard should have the ability to convey information to the audience in a short period of time, and boldly put the key information points that the product wants to convey into the billboard, which makes people clear at a glance. For example, the billboard designed by the movie “Deadpool” has nothing more than movie characters and a simple release time.


  1. Use only seven words or less: words must be contextually relevant

The same sentence: “Less is more.” Concise words can quickly convey information to consumers, and the pictures with product characteristics can leave a deep impression on consumers.

Such as Toyota’s outdoor advertisement below. Toyota’s off-road vehicles are accelerating on muddy roads. The entire big brand has only a simple slogan and a huge brand logo. At a glance, the first thing that catches the eye is Toyota’s iconic “TOYOTA”, which is unforgettable.


  1. Convey your message: Increased consumer engagement and recall

Billboards can also create different slogans according to local conditions. Localized slogans can provide instant recognition, just like a billboard is talking to you personally. It knows you, knows what you like to eat, where you like to go… …

For example, the following two billboards, combined with local characteristics, clearly express to consumers the advantages of the brand compared to other similar products. McDonald’s slogan “Texas-style” in the New Burger advertisement in Texas, T-Mobile as a multinational mobile phone operator in Philadelphia slogan is “No one has more coverage in Philadelphia. ”


  1. Create a strong silhouette: the silhouette itself is art

Many billboards are designed with the effect of silhouettes of people, which naturally attracts the eye and shapes the shape to achieve a charming effect. This design style is mostly used in outdoor advertisements used to promote movies, which can effectively show the characteristics of movie characters and give people unlimited imagination.

How to design outdoor billboards is a profound knowledge. The visual characteristic of outdoor advertising is instant effect. How to grasp the audience’s sight in an instant and attract people’s attention is the key to the design of outdoor advertising. This requires us to try our best to be concise, easy to read, easy to remember, humorous, and appealing in the design process, so as to make outdoor advertising full of appeal and vitality.